The Story of a Green Movement
'The Dandakaranya movement is today one of the most significant movements in post independent India. It is a movement that demands the right of living a healthy and meaningful life. The destruction of the environment is primarily the outcome of the moral degeneration and greed of mankind. A people's mass movement such as the Dandakananya has the power to erase this social blot.'

At the ripe age of 84, a man musters a large workforce of the young and old and gets 45 million seeds planted in a single month... Unbelievable but one hundred percent the truth. Freedom fighter Bhausaheb Santuji Thorat lanched the Dandakaranya movement two years ago for saving the environment of the arid Sangamenr tehsil, his native place. In the times of the Ramayana, the sage Agasti turned the dry and arid Dandakaranya into a green heaven through a massive drive of tree planting. Bhausaheb launched this people's movement with a vision to create a modern Dandakaranya. This movement demonstrates the awesome power of mass participation, but does not have links with any political party, as well as any religious or caste group. It has no financial support from the Government, nor from any Indian or foreign organisations.
It is highly interesting story of one of the most significant movements for the conservation of nature in the history of independent India - A movement.

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